Wednesday, March 9, 2011

In the middle...

   So I am in the middle of a project that involves this {Pretty} awesome window shutter, but I felt the need to post a little update. For a long time now I have been looking for the Perfect window shutter for this odd wall in our kitchen. While home in Michigan I found this large green shutter & knew it was the {Perfect} one. Not so much the color, but the size. So after changing the color & fixing it up a little here is what it looks like so far...

See this wall? It's pretty much a focal point & I wanted to make some "shutter art" Does that exist? Now it does. I am in the middle of adding more details & I am liking the progress so far!


I got this little gem at an antique store for less then {Twenty Dollars} which was totally worth it because of how long I waited to find one this size.

There is my "Shutter Art" update.. I do not have the much more to add, but I am excited for it to be finished so I can show you all!! I hope your week is going good. It's Wednesday night, two more days until the weekend!! My news of the week is I Shattered broke my iPhone 3G last night, so today I finally upgraded to the new {iPhone 4} so far I love it!! That is all & I will update you on the shutter progress soon. If you have an {DIY} projects you want to share, go to Liz Marie Blog Facebook and post a link!!



  1. Where exactly did you find the shutter? What kind of store? SOOO awesome!

  2. That is a beautiful piece. I love old shutters and windows.

    You love your new iPhone huh? I have a little birdy that stays on my shoulder squeeking cheap, cheap. I haven't upgraded yet, heh. It's worth it you think?

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    Have a blessed week!

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  4. That looks great Liz!

  5. That is a beautiful shutter! I love shutters and am coveting yours! I love your shutter art! And it looks way better now than before!
    Nice Job!
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  7. It looks great. I can't wait to see what you do with it!

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  10. You did a great job. I always wanna do different projects but things don't always work out the way that I intended.

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