Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hardware Jackpot...

  During our trip home to Michigan this past week I found a lot of great deals {so many exciting new blog posts to come on all of the other great finds} But one of the best deals I got was on cabinet hardware. I hit the HARDWARE JACKPOT!! I wasn't even looking for hardware, but someone I know told me about the amazing deal & I couldn't resist. If you wanted to try finding hardware samples like this, you could try going to builder supply stores & see if they have any old sample boards they want to sell. I have not counted exactly how much hardware I received, but you can see for yourself....

I got all this hardware for $20!! Can you believe that?! Good thing we brought the Jeep to Michigan so we had enough room to bring this all home.. here it is sitting in my garage until I find a place to store it all.

I am so excited to have all this hardware on hand for future projects to come, I am sure you will see most of this new hardware in blog posts to come!

Here is the back of the boards. As you can see the hardware simply screws off the board for quick access to each piece of hardware.

Here are a few quick pictures of some of the hardware...

Our trip home to Michigan to see our families was very fun & it was wonderful to see everyone, but it feels so great to be home today being lazy before the work week starts tomorrow. Here is a picture of my husband & I while we were home this past week...

I hope you all had a wonderful week last week & a great weekend as well!! Thanks for stopping by to see my {Hardware Jackpot} I was excited to share my great deal with all of you!!



  1. GREAT find! How lucky are you to score all those amazing hardware samples. Can't wait to see what you do with them ;)

    ~Jenna, SAS Interiors

  2. My goodness you did get a truck load of hardware. I can hardly wiat to see what you create with it.
    Glad you had a wonderful time
    You and your husband are a handsome couple.

  3. WOW! That is amazing. You really got lucky!!

  4. Such a cute couple ;) And you got an amazing deal on that hardware!

  5. Awesome find!! Following you from the Sunday Social hop. :)

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  8. Wow! What an awesome deal!

  9. That's the way I always feel when I would go see my mother in Texas. We would go shopping and find the best bargains. Now I shop with my Mandy in San Antonio and bring home more than my car can hold sometimes. I love the hardware you found and for only $20. What a find!
    I am a follower.

  10. Thanks Fantastic! I saw a bunch of these boards the other day to and hesitated on getting them... Ive been rethinking all week about going back for them!

    I think I def. need to... You made me want them more!

    FabuLESSly Crafty

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  12. I can't believe you got all that for $20! Thats just amazing!

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  13. What a steal!

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  14. Wow, how exciting! So many possibilites! You have such a lovely blog and I am excited to read more of your posts & to be a new follower!

  15. Wow! You really did get a lot of stuff!! I just went home last week too. Have a great Wednesday!

  16. HEY! i saw this blog and thought u may use something like this for your new handles u got!

  17. That's an incredible find! And what a deal to! Stopping in from The Girl Creative Blog Hop.

  18. You really did hit the jackpot!

  19. Absolutely LOVE this idea of getting hardware, I will be checking out trying to get some from our hardware/cabinet makers around Statesboro, GA, since you gave me an idea to add to my new project! Once I get it down to the way I like it, I will send you a pic.
    I would like to suggest that if you need ceramic tiles, or other types of tiles, check out tile stores. I work next door to a tile store, and I found that they just throw out the samples into the dumpster behind our office...NEEDLESS to SAY, I went dumpster diving for them.
    Don't know how to blog or tweet, LOLOLOLOL!!! Thanks again!!! LuLu