Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Have you missed me?? I moved!!!

.... well guess what! I moved! If you have been missing updates, and blog posts from me it's because I am now over at lizmarieblog.com! I have missed you! Come hang out with me and follow me over there. You can follow me so many ways:

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Don't miss out on all of my interior design, furniture re-do, & DIY posts!! I hope to see you over there & be sure to say hi!!! xx Liz Marie

Saturday, December 3, 2011

We've Moved...

Hey Everyone... The movie is Complete!
The blog is officially moved to wordpress...
You can click {HERE} to
head on over to the new blog.
I hope you "follow" me over there...
Thank you for being so awesome & supportive
during this move & I look forward to seeing
you all over there!!

-Liz Marie

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November Favorites...

So I finally did it... I have been saying I was going
to do it for some time now, & I'm sure you
all didn't think I actually would...
I made my "first" Youtube video for you guys!
I say 'first' because about three years ago I made
a few makeup videos, but those have since been lost in
cyberspace... Anyways My first video is my November
Favorites {Makeup I have been loving} 
Now, I feel like the video is not really "me" because I felt
so awkward talking to myself about makeup,
but I'm sure I will warm up to the camera soon.
I mean talking to yourself gets easier right? haha
But really... I wanted to make videos for you guys,
& maybe some DIY & crafty videos too...
For now I hope you enjoy my first video & let me know
If you want to see more beauty videos...

xx Liz Marie

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Funshine & Ballet Slippers...

A while back I got a request from one
of my best friends to redo a dresser for her
baby girl's nursery, ummm pressure!!
I knew her nursery was going to be gorgeous
because her little momma is a great decorator,
& I wanted the piece of furniture I did to fit right in.
She requested a lemony yellow & I decided to add
another pop of color to make it a very unique piece
especially for her baby girl....

I love how this fun little dresser turned out
for Kirby's nursery. & here's a little 
after photo of the gallery wall as well...



I had this dresser in stock & when she asked me to
re-do a dresser for her.. I knew this was the one.
The dressers shape & legs makes it a fun & quirky piece..
It just needed a little love.

This dresser has the perfect amount of storage for 
a lucky little girl. All the drawers space is great
for organizing all of her little outfits.

That fun hardware & those cute legs you ask?
I was originally going to go with crystal hardware and yellow
legs, but this dresser needed another pop of color to 
make it a stunning piece of furniture. 

Another perfect thing about this dresser is the size.
It's a very petite size dresser which is perfect for
a nursery that has a lot of other furniture it it...
with plenty of room leftover to move around.

Rachael picked this beautiful color yellow. She wanted something
"lemony" & not to banana-y.. haha I love comparing paint
colors to fruit.. it makes colors so easy to explain.
This particular yellow I used on the dresser is Funshine by Valspar
It's the perfect yellow for a baby girls nursery...

Didn't Rachael do a beautiful job? 
& the dresser now has a beautiful home to 
live in.. it fits in perfectly.

I've had so much fun over the past few months
watching this beautiful nursery come together.
Rachael had a particular vision in mind & it has come
together to make one lovely nursery.

Too perfect for a little girl right? 
To see more pictures of this lovely little nursery go {here}.
It's so fun redoing pieces of furniture for people that I 
know & love because I get to see the piece in their homes &
I get to see them use and enjoy the furniture for years to come.

I hope all of you had a great holiday weekend!!
My Thanksgiving was absolutely amazing with my wonderful
family visiting from Michigan... We miss them so much already!
Like every time we see each other.. we ate too much.. laughed even more &
hugged as much as much as we possibly could...
I am so excited that we will be going home in a few weeks to MI for 
Christmas so I get to see them again soon.
Also my husband & my God baby was born this weekend!! 
She is in Michigan, so I can not wait to get home to meet her in person,
but for now Skype will have to do... I feel very blessed.
I hope you all feel blessed & happy after this holiday weekend as well...
Talk to you soon...
xx Liz Marie

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dove White...

I get asked a lot about my favorite paint colors...
& to tell you the truth, there are millions!!
{& that's not an exaggeration}
I plan on sharing with you many of
my favorite paint colors soon,
But there is one color that is special to me
& if you have been a client of mine in 
the past & have asked for a white shabby chic piece...
it has most likely been, Dove White by valspar.
It's my baby, my love, my side kick, my "go to" white.
It's the perfect white without being too white,
Maybe seeing a piece I worked on this week will help...

Before & After... 

This lovely white nightstand did not start out so lovely,
but with a few coats of Dove White & some new hardware
she is now as lovely as ever...

The great thing about Dove White is it's creamy color
with out being too yellow or pink. It's perfect.

I decided to lightly shabby chic this piece
& to not go too crazy...

New hardware is such a simple change, but it
makes a huge difference!

is also the Dove white along with the nightstand...

What are some of your favorite paint colors? 
I will be sharing some more of my favorites soon. 
Is the weekend really over already?
What a great & productive weekend though!
& I am so excited... my family is coming down to NC
this week from MI for Thanksgiving... I seriously
can't wait... It's going to be amazing!!
Talk to you soon...
xx Liz Marie

ps. Check out my post from yesterday on my Birchbox from this month {here}

Saturday, November 19, 2011

November's Birchbox...

So I'm a little late on this... 
but I wanted to show you this months Birchbox.
If you are not sure what Birchbox is
It's basically a monthly subscription where you
get 4-5 deluxe size, high end samples sent to you 
for $10 a month & {FREE SHIPPING!}. It's a steal.
The samples are hand picked just for you that
reflect a survey you fill out in the beginning
about yourself {skin type exd...}
If you want to learn more or if you want to 
subscribe to Birchbox click {Here}.
This is my November Birchbox...

In My November Birchbox...

I loved this months Birchbox just like I love every months
Birchbox, but I was really excited about the mud
mask that I got. I have been loving it as a full on
mask, & for spot treatments.
& I love the Zoya nail polish. I have received another
Zoya nail polish in a previous Birchbox & I just love
the quality.. I highly recommend them.

If you love getting things in the mail & trying
new products.. you have to check out Birchbox.
I can't believe it's only a $10 a month with 
free shipping... & it keeps me from going to the
drugstore to try other items which would cost a lot more.
I hope you all are having a great weekend!!
I know I alway say my weekend is amazing, but this one
is too. Hubby & I went antiquing this morning & I 
found some great finds, I will share them with you
soon... Have a great weekend & talk to you soon!
xx Liz Marie

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Marine Corps Ball 2011...

Once a year we get to attend a ball 
to celebrate the Marine Corps Birthday.
It's such an amazing feeling to be in a 
huge ball room filled with marines celebrating
the greatness of the Marine Corps & every single marine
past & present who have served our country.
This year was extra special for us,
not only because we got to celebrate with great friends,
but also because we had R. Lee Ermey as our special
He was so funny & so down to earth.
We got his autograph & he joked around with us,
which was hilarious & made the night that much better.
Hubby & I had pictures taken before
we went to the ball by the lovely Rach Lea Photography
 which are so fun for me to look at because we 
can not be serious & I couldn't stop laughing.
I didn't really try on my dress until the day of, so it was a little
 big on me. It hung off my torso too much, and was
a little too long, but I still loved the dress & only
tripped a few times lol. Plus I had
a little more room to move haha...







& here is a few pictures from the iphone....

Getting R. Lee Ermey's signature 

Ball dress & sunnies...

Nails & Cocktail ring...

You may remember R. Lee Ermey from this great movie, Full Metal Jacket...

I am still jealous of the people who got to have Justin Timberlake
at their ball {You can read Justin's blog post about his ball here}
I got my dress from Windsor Store online, & I am so impressed
with the customer service & shipping time, I really recommend them!
I hope you are having an amazing week, my week has been great...
working on a few projects & getting ready for guests next week.
Talk to you soon!
xx Liz Marie

Ps. For more about my marine wife life Click {Here} to read about my husbands deployment homecoming. I love my marine!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Shabby Burlap Chair...

This week was full of lots of fun little projects.
One morning this week, I sat in my office with 
my morning cup of tea & opened the curtains to see
 a treasure sitting right outside my window.
My neighbors were throwing out this lovely little
chair that had so much potential, so me, having no
shame, marched right over to the trash pile &
took it home to bring it back to life...


Okay. So maybe I don't blame my neighbors for throwing
this little beast away... It had seen better days.


A fresh coat of white paint & a little simple shabby
method was just the beginning of bringing this
lovely chair back to life. 

I decided to only distress this chair a little bit
because let's face it.. it was a little too rough
before & that wasn't pretty.

The burlap fabric is a perfect rustic textile for
this chair. It accents the shabby chic feel of the 
chair & who doesn't love some burlap?

That cute pillow you ask? I made that! I will
be sharing a blog post on how I made it
this week....

It just makes me so happy to see something from
the trash become beautiful again... maybe
that's why I love what I do.

Today has been one of the laziest days of my life, & it feels amazing!
let's just way we had a little too much fun
  with amazing friends at the Marine Corps Ball last night, I will
do a blog post of pictures this week of my handsome marine & I.
This four day weekend with my husband was perfect & much needed,
back to work tomorrow.. I hope each one of you had an amazing
weekend with whatever you did.. talk to you soon!
xx Liz Marie

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

DIY Deer Head Sculpture...

My love for natural eclectic decor continues...
I have been wanting a deer head for
my gallery wall in my office for sometime now.
Not like a taxidermists work of art, like one
that used to have a pulse, but a sculpture painted solid white.
 I wasn't liking the prices I saw of sculptures...
So, I decided to make my own deer head sculpture.
I love how it turned out & I also
love the price {$8.00!!}

There is the lovely little deer head I made...
I love how it turned out. 
It was very simple & affordable...

First I bought a paper mache reindeer from Michaels craft store.
{I got it with a %50 off coupon, so it was only $8.00}
I then chopped off the head of the reindeer.. I felt very morbid during this point,
I am officially on Santa's naughty list this year!!
I used the wall as a reference to how much I should chop off to see how
it would hang on the wall. After I got it perfect, I spray painted it white.
{I used a high gloss white spray paint}
& voila there you have your very own deer head sculpture. 

I love the deer sculpture added to my gallery wall
because it adds more of the masculine feel I was going for.
You can see more on the gallery wall {here}

To hang the deer head on the wall, I simply used one
nail to hang the head on, You may find a different
way to hang yours, It just depends on how you 
want it to hang.

The gallery wall is still in progress, but this deer
head adds a great element to the gallery wall.

I like the frame around the deer,
but mounting it on a board or simply hanging
it on the wall would look great as well!

I think I am in love... & I am going to love working
under this little deer at my desk. I think he 
needs a name...  & yes it's a he :)

This is one of my favorite crafts I have done in a while. 
Do you have an antler or deer head art in your house?
I would love to see it.. link it up on the Facebook page {here}.
I hope you all are having a great week so far... I am 
working on a few furniture projects, so it has been a great week!
xx Liz Marie