Tuesday, November 8, 2011

DIY Deer Head Sculpture...

My love for natural eclectic decor continues...
I have been wanting a deer head for
my gallery wall in my office for sometime now.
Not like a taxidermists work of art, like one
that used to have a pulse, but a sculpture painted solid white.
 I wasn't liking the prices I saw of sculptures...
So, I decided to make my own deer head sculpture.
I love how it turned out & I also
love the price {$8.00!!}

There is the lovely little deer head I made...
I love how it turned out. 
It was very simple & affordable...

First I bought a paper mache reindeer from Michaels craft store.
{I got it with a %50 off coupon, so it was only $8.00}
I then chopped off the head of the reindeer.. I felt very morbid during this point,
I am officially on Santa's naughty list this year!!
I used the wall as a reference to how much I should chop off to see how
it would hang on the wall. After I got it perfect, I spray painted it white.
{I used a high gloss white spray paint}
& voila there you have your very own deer head sculpture. 

I love the deer sculpture added to my gallery wall
because it adds more of the masculine feel I was going for.
You can see more on the gallery wall {here}

To hang the deer head on the wall, I simply used one
nail to hang the head on, You may find a different
way to hang yours, It just depends on how you 
want it to hang.

The gallery wall is still in progress, but this deer
head adds a great element to the gallery wall.

I like the frame around the deer,
but mounting it on a board or simply hanging
it on the wall would look great as well!

I think I am in love... & I am going to love working
under this little deer at my desk. I think he 
needs a name...  & yes it's a he :)

This is one of my favorite crafts I have done in a while. 
Do you have an antler or deer head art in your house?
I would love to see it.. link it up on the Facebook page {here}.
I hope you all are having a great week so far... I am 
working on a few furniture projects, so it has been a great week!
xx Liz Marie


  1. I found one in a thrift store that I did the same thing with! It's white now too... I haven't blogged about it yet though. Love yours on your gallery wall! Great job!

  2. My heart just went pitter patter! I've been wanting a ceramic one but the $8 is hard to beat!!

  3. This is one of the most creative crafts I have seen in awhile...I love it!!!! I am gonna be on the lookout for something similar!

  4. Your deer head looks great. What a creative lady you are! Nice visiting with you.

  5. Couldn't figure out where I'd seen this before...but I found it!


    I really like how you put yours in a frame!

  6. You knew what you wanted with your deer head, and WENT FOR IT. Don't worry, Santa might just understand... (maybe)

    Giggles from NW Illinois from me to you,
    Visiting from My Girlish Whim's linky party

  7. SO Ballard Design-y! For SO much less!
    Gotta love it! Great for the holidays!


  8. Great idea! Looks amazing on your gallery wall.

  9. What a great idea. I love the look.

  10. It looks great! I too, love antlers. I have a few sets that I plan to use on a gallery wall in the works. I'll share when i have it completed.

  11. Oh wow! This turned out really great! Would love it if you would stop by and share this at my linky party :) http://everything-underthemoon.blogspot.com/2011/11/bedazzle-me-monday-7_6572.html

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  12. Danielle Oakley Interiors did the same project! Its genius.


  13. Adorable! I'm thinking this would be super fun in my basement :-) Much less likely to give the little one nightmares.

  14. Great way to get the look for less! Now what to do with the deer's "other half" :)


  15. Ha Ha! Love your post! Love the deer bust idea as well! Creative thinking!

  16. Oooo I love Danielle Oakley's!! Thank you for sending Her link to me, I love it & I'm now her newest follower :) & Thank you for all the sweet comments everyone!!

  17. SO CLEVER!! Totally stealing this idea! THank you

  18. Hi Liz :) I love keeping up with your blog and you are one of the people who have inspired me to create a blog of my own.. Was wondering if you'd stop by my blog, JHOUSETAWK.blogspot.com and maybe follow?.. Thanks so much, Jordann. p.s. have a great day! keep creating!

  19. Love your wall so far! And such a great idea with the deer!

  20. Beautiful deer. I love how you painted it white. I would've done the same thing. Great job!

  21. That deer head is amazing, would love something similar on my wall.
    Wish you a good weekend :)

  22. I've been looking for something like this too. Great idea...I never would have thought of it. I'm now following.


  23. Love it!! He looks so great with the round, open frame around him. I really like how you found it too- I've found cheapo Christmas decor can be so perfect to use for projects. I'd never look at that and be able to imagine that it was once one of santa's reindeer! Great project Liz!

  24. OH.MY.WORD! I want a deer head so bad... THIS is in my price range! Thank you SISTAFRIEND!

  25. btw I totally just put this all over Twitter...I can not even stand this...I love it!

  26. GASP! I loved that little reindeer sittin on the cute entry table.... but I do love the new version also ;) My little boy just told me he wanted one of these in his room today ha ha ha he is four!

  27. Cool idea! I just so happen to have a reindeer who lost a back leg last year and I have yet to glue it back on...

    I'd love to invite you to share this project at my Thingamajig Thursday Party... http://radcrafter.com/2011/11/thingamajig-thursday-party-2/


  28. I love this idea!! It is so frugal. I just may have to try it.


  29. What a great idea! You always share the best projects here, I really adore your site! Thanks so much for sharing this @ Show & Share. I am very happy to have you here!

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    marni @ Sassy Sites!

  31. That is an ingenious idea!!! I have been looking for a deer head and what a perfect solution!

  32. so cool! I've been wondering where to find a deer head that's reasonably priced--genius idea! Thanks for sharing this week at Primp.

  33. i love it what a great idea, thanks for sharing xxx new follower here

  34. I think this is such a neat idea! I love the thriftiness of it but the look is perfect! My readers would love it if you would like to share it at Meet Me Monday. They would love to meet you! Love, Me www.youaretalkingtoomuch.com

  35. This is so great. Pinning this and must give it a try. Just perfect!

    Meredith From A Mother Seeking Come find me on my blog, A Mother Seeking...

  36. I love your creativity! Thanks for the inspiration:)

  37. What a clever idea. We live in a pretty rustic old cabin and I'd love to have a deer head...but not a real one. I'll have to keep an eye out at Michaels next time I get to "the big city." ;)

  38. I hopped on over from Serenity Now as this project caught my eye. I have seen many deer heads in design and I must say this is my favorite! You are so creative!

  39. Love this!!

    P.S. I have another giveaway going on right now. Would love you to stop by and check it out.

  40. He's looking so stylish now - Love you whole wall :)

  41. Wow! I have been dying for a deer head. Now I know how! Visiting from Home Stories.
    ;)crafty texas girls

  42. YES! This is AWESOME! I found a pair of antlers dumpster diving when my neigbor moved out, but you can't have enough! Great share.

  43. I'm a big fan....love the frame...separate = good together = Great. I am your newest follower and would love it if you would follow me back to get in on my driftwood sailboat give-a-way. Sherron

  44. Love it! Thanks for linking up with us and hope you join us again this Wednesday! Have a happy Thanksgiving!


  45. Pure genius! I have one of these that is gonna get a little chopping!!LOL I'm going to look for some more! thank you!


  46. Great use of a not so great decoration.

  47. Wonderful! It's darling!

  48. How did you attach the deer head to the wall?

  49. This turned out great. Thanks for sharing. I would love it if you could link this up to our linky party going on right now.


  50. Love this! I saw something like it in the December issue of Martha Stewart! Now I know how to do it myself!