Sunday, September 4, 2011

Warm Wood & White...

This change in our house has been a long time coming.
A year ago when we built our house, 
I bought all of our new furniture on a whim & didn't really
take the time to plan out each room individually.
So we ended up with all new furniture with a dark black finish. 
Don't get me wrong, I love our furniture, but 
why I chose black, I will never know. 
It's just not my style & did not fit into my vision for our home.
Lucky for me, I am passionate about redoing furniture.
So, now I am started on this long journey of making
over the pieces in our living & dining room.
A very long journey...

I chose white finish with a natural wood top for the
end tables & coffee table in the living room.


This picture was taken a while back, but you get the point.
Black coffee table. Black end tables. 


Notice the black in entertainment center in the background..
It's next... dun dun dun.

{Yes I still need a rug}
It's hard for me to pick a rug for some reason,
but I think it will be easier when we install the 
wood floors.. 

I love the contrast now between the warm wood & white.

By simply removing the top of the coffee table, painting the base,
& adding natural wood that I had stained, 
I had a completely new 
coffee table!

The white on the furniture really 
brightens up the room & adds just
the right touch I was looking for. 

I love the rustic look that these tables gave the room.

I used the same process for the end tables. 
I simply removed the tops & replaced them
with natural wood.
I attached the new rustic wood with the same screws
that the original tops were attached with.
Very simple.

You can see in this picture the black bar stools, table, &
entertainment center in the background. oyyy. 
More on the plan for those later...


I used this awesome set of Purdy brushes for this project.
It's truly amazing to me what a good set of brushes can do for your projects.
You can definitely tell the difference in the quality & how smoothly
they make your projects. I would for sure recommend a good 
set of brushes, like the Purdy brushes, to anyone wanting to paint.
Visit You can Save The Walls to see where you can 
find these awesome brushes & also get some
amazing paint tips!!

I also used lumber from Lowe's
which I stained {Walnut}.
& the screws that were in the original
coffee table. 

I also switched out the hardware on the end tables
for bronze hardware. This may not be permanent,
but for now I like it. 

How do you like my new tables? 
I am really loving them & how they turned out. 
I love the comfortable, casual feel that 
they give the living space. 
I hope you all are having a fantastic labor day weekend!
I am thoroughly enjoying my relaxing weekend
with my husband.
Head on lover to Liz Marie Blog Facebook page
to share some projects you are working on this weekend,
I would love to see them!


  1. So beautiful! What a great transformation! I would love to do this with my dining table...hmmmm... how did you attach the top? The same way the original was attached?
    Great job!!

  2. Thank you so much! Yes, I attached the new wood tops with the same screws that the original tops were attached with. Very simple! I would highly recommend doing this. I love how I don't have to be careful because the more wear and tear the better :) xx Liz

  3. Where did you get the wood at? Love the new look!

  4. Oh my, you make me speechless every!time! I want to move in:-9hahaha btw what is the color of your wall? I keep admiring it- need to transform my livingroom as well-again:-) thank you sooo much for the inspiration yet again- you are seriously a rock star!!
    Have you ever thought of giving advice to people on how they could makeover their homes? if yes, let me know-I would be interested!
    love, Lena

  5. This is one of my favorite looks, it's a mix of both dark and light and I love it!

  6. Great job. I never would have thought to take off the top and replace it with a natural wood top. Where do you find something like that?

  7. Love the white with stained wood!

  8. I absolutely love what you did with the tables. We just moved into a new house, and I am all about distressed/rustic looking furniture. However, it is really hard to find! I have never attempted distressing/painting myself, but I would love to. We have such similar taste! I am new to your blog and can't wait to read more :)

  9. hey Liz! Great job! Where can i find candles like that? i love those!

  10. I actually made the candle sticks myself.. I painted & distressed them. I have a blog post on that here:

  11. I LOVE them! You have definitely inspired me to redo my furniture. It seems like I did the same thing-- picked out everything so suddenly that now I'm like "but.. that's not even my style!" haha :) Great job!

    -Bonnie @ Revolutionaries

  12. I love them. So much lighter and brighter :)

  13. As always, a very beautiful transformation. I am getting ready to re-do our side tables with a taupe base and the warm wood top. Just love the cottage chic look!

    Great job and thanks for sharing!


  14. i have a black dining room table that i would love to paint white but i have been terrified of the black showing up thru the did you get the black furniture to turn white? did it involve tons of sanding or did you just use paint?

  15. LOVE IT this makes me want to go redo mine :)

  16. It´s great, you make a lovelly work. Your house it´s beautifull, congratulattions!

  17. I like the plank tops. Very nice.

  18. Warm wood with white...always so classic and fabulous! BEAUTIFUL transformations!

    Deborah (happily visiting from

    {Hope you can drop by!}

  19. I'm in love!!! They look gorgeous!

  20. Liz Marie, another fantastic transformation! The white tables brighten things up. The space looks great :) I'm having a hard time selecting a rug too!

  21. Absolutely gorgeous! Love the whole look of it! Beautiful job!

    I'd love for you to share this at Show & Share--

  22. Nice job! I'm getting ready to paint some furniture too. Still deciding on the color. Thanks for sharing!

  23. so beautiful! this is amazing. great job!

  24. I absolutely love the new rustic look! You did such a great job. You should share this project at my Shabby Shares Saturday link party over at Rustic Crafts & Chic Decor :)

  25. This is pretty random but where did you get your throw pillows?? Love the tables! Such cute decorating taste you have!

  26. Wow, that looks fantastic!!

  27. you are seriously SOOOO talented!! I always love coming over to your blog to see what you've done! :) I LOVE it!! Thanks so much for linking up to Sassy Sites for our FFA party! Have a FABulous Friday!!


  28. I was just moving my family room furniture around anmd was thinkign my coffee table needs help...this is gorgeous and I may have to try something just like it! Shared it on FB!

  29. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Can you please come and repaint all of my furniture and make it totally fabulous??

  30. I love how you softened them up! They are amazing :) Great Job!

  31. These are beautiful and i love the style of the furniture. I think your room is really shaping up - looks straight out of a magazine. (:

  32. The tables look amazing. Such an amazing difference. I love the new look. I am looking forward to the entertainment center.


  33. Wow! Seriously, beautiful tables. Great work and thanks for posting! You have given me some great inspiration for my out dated side tables.

  34. Looks good! I so need to do this to my side tables...

  35. I have been wanting to make over my coffee and end tables. I love this look! But how exactly did you do the tops? I know you said you used the same screws, but aren't the tops individual planks. Did you screw each individual board to the base, or did you somehow attach them all together first? Sorry, if that's a lame question, I'm just pretty sure I'm going to do this:)

  36. I really love these! I have some end tables that are just a little too white for me after painting them, and now my juices are flowing. Hmmmmmn. Thanks for the idea! PS Visiting from Amanda's party.

  37. I love your table transformations. I also really like the your table lamp. Can you share where you got that!?? michele

  38. So pretty! and such an improvement (although I like black myself, I agree that the white/wood stain look is totally perfect for your space!)

    I'm a new follower!


  39. Oh my gosh, that is EXACTLY the look I want! Thank you THANK YOU!!! They are amazing!

    Natalie from

  40. Beautiful! You did such a great job! I love everything in this room. It's so warm and inviting.

  41. I like what you did to the tables. I am going to redo our livingroom and you just gave me ideas for our table. Thanks for sharing.

  42. I love the transformations! The white paint on the bottom lightens things up so well and those rustic tops are FABULOUS!! Great job!


  43. Love he farm table-like top and I adore warm wood with white. Looks awesome.

  44. I want to recreate this look: Can you tell me what type of stain you used? I am trying to take a yellow-ish oak table down to something that more like reclaimed-wood (like your table top). Thanks!
    Rachel at

  45. Love this! Would you mind sharing what brand and color of stain you used for the top?

  46. Love what you did with your tables. It gives your room a new depth and edgy look. Way to go!

  47. These are so wonderful! What was that stain/color for the wood on the top?