Monday, September 19, 2011

What I Wore...

So my friend Christine made a comment
to me the other day about how 
I have no pictures of me on my blog...
ummmm there's a reason for that. 
Just kidding. No reason, Just never think of it.
So I decided I will start doing a "What I Wore" series on
the blog. Just so you can see me in 
my natural habitat & things I like wearing.

Today I ran a lot of errands & worked
out something pretty exciting for Liz Marie Blog 
that I will announce later {probably tomorrow}.
I call this comfy casual errands day...

Shirt: Forever 21
Shorts: Express
Flats: Rockports
Purse: Louis Vuitton

Since today was super casual.. I dressed really simple.
Minimal accessories,
{I wore a hand stamped necklace from my brother & sister in law.}
& Minimal makeup... 
{Mineral foundation, lip gloss, & some mascara go a long way.}

Anyways... I hope you like this new series that
will be on Liz Marie Blog.
It's fun to see what other bloggers wear &
to see other peoples style for some inspiration.
I will most likely be announcing the
exciting news for me tomorrow
xx Liz Marie


  1. Yes! Outfit of the Days! You're so cute Liz! haha You and your cute house, with your cute stuff, and your cute dogs, and your cute SELF! And, your not cute -sexy- Louie Vuitton bag. - jealous.

  2. Okay, so do clothes from Forever21 last very long? I think their prices are great, but someone told me they don't last. I love the comfy, casual look.:)

  3. Hi!! I love clothes from Forever 21...Most of my pieces from there last forever, but yes occasionally I will get a piece that gets snags or pulls in it {mainly tight fitting shirts} but since I wear most of my clothes loose.. I really have not had a problem in a very long time! What's so nice is everything is crazy cheap. I usually do not spend over $20 dollars on anything from there because I am worried about it lasting. Also there jeans are great, I get most of my jeans from there and they last a very long time. Hope this helps! Or did I just babble? haha

  4. Ahhh you're so friggin' cute :) Love your hair! I like the long sleeve shirt with shorts look. Looks nice!

  5. I have that same shirt! :-) And you Liz are adorable...can't wait to see more of this series :-)

  6. You are so adorable!! I would love to keep seeing what you are wearing!! I def vote for more OOTD posts :)

    Hope that you have had the chance to check out our Tiffany & Co. necklace giveaway.

  7. yes please! :) you look super cute even when you're relaxed and dressed down for errands..

    xx, zhing

  8. love your style! it's so laid back :)

  9. Newest follower on GFC and tweeted, +1'd you :)
    love your style, by the way!
    (had to post as anonymous b/c for some reason blogger won't let me post as my google profile..?)

  10. Hi, Liz

    Cute outfit! I found your blog on and I am glad I pop in.


  11. You, my dear, have adorable little dancer legs. Now stop making me jealous.

  12. New follower from the BIF Blog Hop! Shared your link on my FB page and Twitter!

  13. You look great, I like your handbag!

  14. You are SO adorable! Seriously, love your simple style. I have a feeling you could rock anything you wear! Thanks for inspiring the rest of us! And a big thanks for linking up @ Show & Share!

  15. those pictures are so cute!! :)
    Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog :)

  16. Beautiful photos and outfit. :))