Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pink Lips & BirchBox...

I am back with August's 
If you are not sure what BirchBox is..
go check out my blog post on it here.
I had to wait an extra week to get this months box
because I was on vacation,
but it was for sure worth the wait.
I swear, it feels like my birthday once a month
when I open my BirchBox.
I love it!! 

Of course, this is what the BirchBox looks like when you receive it.

& These are the products I received for the month of August...

From Left to Right:
{Click product below for more info}

I thought I would share one of my favorite
makeup products of all time
with you today as well...

{Mine is in the color "Passion"}

One end is like a marker & the other is a lip balm.
This lip product is perfect for summer & any season really,
 because it's not sticky, & lasts all day. 
Nothing makes me more mad then my hair blowing
in the wind and sticking to my lip gloss & getting
all over my face. Gross! 
I love that the stain makes my lips stay "flushed" pink all day
& as it's fading it just looks like your
lips are naturally pink.

Before lip stain. & yes, I am wearing a shirt :) sicko. 

After Lip Stain is applied.

Other makeup I am wearing in the pictures...
{Too hot to wear makeup these days!}

You can find Revlon's Just Bitten 
in several colors
at most drug stores for around seven dollars. 
I highly recommend it.
Thanks for stopping by today!!
Have you tried BirchBox or Revlon's lip stain yet?
What do you think about it?
Let me know!! 
xx Liz Marie


  1. The "passion" looks very pretty and natural on you! I follow you on Pinterest. Love all your before/afters! I haven't joined birchbox yet, looks awesome. My favorite lip stain is Just Bitten Crave. Looks good on redheads :)

  2. I definitely have to try this color. I have the "Victorian" color and I love it. Thanks for the review! Also, I love your wavy hair...I wish I could do that to mine.

  3. whatever you do.. do not talk me into buying a BB. bahaha! I want to so badly but I made a pact to use up what I have in my overflowing make-up bag first =)

    love lip stains! topped with crazy amounts of burts bees balm ;)

  4. Alright, you’ve convinced me =) I just signed up for next month’s BirchBox!

  5. Ohhh cool, love the tips, and i will totally check out the lip stain, i love stains, and matte lipsticks... Never heard of Birchbox, i'll go check it out...


  6. Ok, i joined Birchbox, and i left your blog as the referral source, so maybe you can get some points for that...? It looks really fun!


  7. I just signed up! Thanks!

  8. ha ha this made me laugh "sicko"...
    Well those boxes are awesome! I'll go take a peek!

  9. I am interested in checking out the lip stain too. Do you pay shipping on the box?? Sounds like a good gift for my daughter too! She would love to get a box every month also. thanks, mary

  10. Thanks to you, I am now 10 dollars poorer (is that a word?) each month! I love, love, love the idea of getting samples every month. How fun is that? Can't wait for my first one. I love makeup and hair products. :)

  11. Can't wait to sign up! Have you been happy with your items you've received thus far?

  12. After receiving my September box, I promptly cancelled my membership. I received the absolute worst products.

  13. Has anyone ever told you that you resemble Marion Cotillard? I just came across your blog today on Google and thought that. :)