Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Introducing {Dream Home Diy} ....

 Hey everyone!
I am sharing some blog love with you today...
I emailed Michelle after discovering her lovely blog
& soon realized we both had loved ones in the military,
Which seems to always brings people together.
she is so sweet & has a passion for DIY like yours truly... 

The House...

The Crew...

Looks like a pretty fun crew huh?!?
These two lovebirds have a quirky style
& are truly making there house a home as they blog about it.
come check out some of their fun projects...

The DIY...

Their beautiful stenciled wall.

I love meeting bloggers.
I love sharing their talents.
I love spreading some blog love. 
Go share the love.
visit her blog & let her know what you think!

On to the next item of business...
Liz Marie Blog is almost at 2,000 followers!!
holy crap
So, I was thinking.. lets do a huge giveaway for all of you.
I need your help....
Are you a vendor??
& you want to donate something for our huge 2,000 follower giveaway?
email me at
spread the word & let all your friends know...
I would love to hear from you & make this a big blog party for everyone!
100 more followers until we are there.. so let's do this!!
xx Liz Marie


  1. Congrats on almost 2000 followers! That's awesome :) I'll head over and check out her blog!!!

  2. wow congrats on so many followers!!! love her DIY stuff! going to check out her blog!
    xox dana

  3. haha! I really like the thermostat idea, can't wait to own my own home someday just so I can do that

  4. Congratulations on almost 2000 followers!

    And thank you to introducing me to a new blog. Michelle had me at a post about bubbles! :) Anyone with a fondness for the bubbles can't be all bad. ;)

  5. Stumbled on your blog, love it, it's beautiful and so are you! Will be following on here and twitter!!

    I have a shop on etsy, if you think you're followers would like it, let me know :)

    Have a lovely weekend!!!!

  6. Hi,

    Glad to have found you via the Lady Blogger Social Tea Party. Have a great Saturday!

  7. Hi LIz,

    Stopping by from the Lady Blogger Social Tea Party! I am just getting into DIY products and looking through your blog, I couldn't believe all the beautiful things you can create! I am your newest follower and so glad I came by!

  8. Congratulations on almost 2000 followers - that is huge!

    Stopping by from LBS.

  9. Your blog is so adorable :)Im your newest follower from LBS Tea Party! I'd appeciate a follow back :) - Enjoy your weekend, friend! :)