Friday, January 21, 2011

A Pretty Little Windowsill...

    First of all I want to say that I may or may not need to attend a ten step program for my addiction to antique stores & mason jars. But that's beside the point, I found some amazing deals this week!! I wanted to share a couple of my great finds with you...

These great Mason Jars that are now making my kitchen windowsill a little prettier...

My window in my kitchen still is bare, but I feel like these mason jars add a little charm. I got these mason jars for a steal & they are the ones with the glass lids and metal clamps. Too cute.

I know, I know... fake flowers, I'm sure I will be changing them often out with real flowers, but for now these will do.

O, hey there I am.. smile & wave! My poor windows need some curtains.. add that to the list of projects please..

Okay.. enough of the mason jars, obsessed much?

The next little thing I got is something I stare at every time I go into this little antique store by my house, I just never felt the need for it. Well after a few OCD breakdowns from magazines and books laying around, I finally felt the need....

I love & if you remember my HUTCH & ENTRY TABLE you know that this goes very well with them. It's cute & simple & cures my ocd of magazines laying around.

It's too cute. I feel like I say that a lot, but it really is.. there is no better word for it.

My current book: Water for Elephants.. Have any of you read this book? I am really loving it so far.. I just wish I had more time to actually sit and read a book.. ahh wouldn't that be nice?

Hope you loved seeing a couple of my antique finds from this week.. I had a few other buys, but they are currently under construction & will be blogged about on a later date. Remember to head on over to Liz Marie Blog's Facebook page & become a fan. I hope you all have a fabulous weekend. I know mine will be pretty fun, it's my hubby's 24th birthday tomorrow & I really spoiled him this year.. yet another blog post to come.. Thanks for stopping by!!

Love Always,


  1. that magazine rack is amazing!

  2. Thanks Misty! I finally broke down and bought it.. i'm really happy with it though and it looks like it belongs here :) haha

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    Emma Michaels

  4. awww looks lovely ;), hope you and your husband have a fantastic and blessed birthday<3-Hanh

  5. I'm a bit obsessed with mason jars myself. Love the magazine/book rack.
    Found you via the Find a Friend Friday Link up.
    Now Following you.

  6. Very cute! And ya, the flowers are fake but whatev! I love them! Theyr gorgeous! The color is amazing! Have fun darling, with your husbands bday!
    xoxo inna :)

  7. i had a dream last night of finding antiques and making them over..

    that is how strong the desire is.

    LOVE LOVE mason jars and that amazing magazine holder!!

  8. I love your mason jars and flowers! So pretty! I just finished Water for elephants. For some reason I couldn't really get into it until the end. So glad I kept reading it though! Now we can watch the movie soon:)

  9. You have a great eye, love the jars AND the flowers! Magazine rack was made for you :)

  10. looove the mason jar...of course! & super love the magazine rack!!

  11. Very nice :) Love your header pic too.
    Following from the hop. Have a great day.

  12. Love your rustic ideas. Just lovely!

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  13. The flowers look great, almost like a painting!! Your home looks so sweet and cozy! I found you on the Sunday hop and am your newest follower. Hope you will stop by ThreeBoys sometime soon:)

  14. Although I haven't been following you but for a day or two, you have obviously made an impression. Because when I saw this tutorial, I thought of you. Not sure if you have seen this before or not (probably have), but I saw this idea in a Pottery Barn magazine and fell in love. And the tutorial makes it so achievable and awesome!


  15. Hi, I found you on the Frugal Friday Blog Hop and thought I would come check out your blog. I love it. I love painting things as you d,o and if I had all the time in the world and the money to go with it, I would be out shopping all the time for treasures to redo...of course, I would need a much bigger home too! Stop by my blog when you get a chance...Sue

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  18. Love your blog.

  19. I found you blog through the Pink Dandy Blog Hop and it is just lovely. I am now following you.

  20. Cute Idea! I am going to have to try this! Thanks for sharing! I am your newest follower!
    Memories in the Making

  21. I have a magazine rack similar to yours. I purchased it from the thrift store and I want to paint or decoupage it because it's currently a yucky brown color. I really like what yours look like, so I might have to borrow the idea. :)

  22. I love your ideas for canning jars!

    I love them too and have adopted them {various sizes} as our every day drinking glasses. The husband loves the large quart size one as he gets a man size cup of water and I love them for the kids as they are sturdier than regular glass... and pretty much everyone that sees them loves the look. Fun all around!