Friday, December 31, 2010

Placemat Pillows...

  A while back a friend gave me this amazing idea to make simple pillows. All you need is table placemats that are double sided so that you can cut open the seam. It's so simple, and a very affordable way to get great accent pillows. Enjoy!

Finished Pillow....

Things you will need...

You can find poly-fil at any craft store. I found this huge bag of poly-fil at Walmart for eight dollars.

You can re-sew the edge that you cut, but I used this heat-n-bond tape to seal the edges back up. All you need is an iron to activate the heat tape.

I found these place mats at Big Lots for only $1.50. I got cheap ones the first time because I didn't know how good these would turn out. Just make sure again that they have two sides.

So here it is cut open & stuffed with poly-fil & ready to be sealed back together.

Finished two pillows on my bed. O, and here is the sneak peek of our furniture I re-did.

A teal pillow I made for our living room.

I hope you love this idea, let me know what you think! I am anxious to try this again with different fabric place mats. These are not my favorite, but pretty good for my first attempt! I might try sewing the next ones as well because the heat-n-bond was a little messy at times. Anyways, let me know if you try this!!!

Love Always,


  1. I love this idea...and the no sew part if even better! They look great, I really like the ones on the bed!

  2. Thanks so much hun! I can't wait to try other ones with better fabric! xx Liz Marie

  3. Great idea! I would love to make these when I finish school this Spring. Thanks for the information and Happy New Year!!

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea:) i love ur sense of style aswell.. i too am a young bride :) and LOVE anything that has to do with my house :)

  5. Ahh, I <3 this!!! I can't wait to make my own :)

  6. Hey girl!
    Come check out my blog...I have a little surprise for you ;)


  7. Oh wow! I really need to do this!! I love pillows! :) Your bed looks SOOOO pretty!! The colors are gorgeous! I love DIY stuff like this! TY! :) XX

  8. Look fantastic!! I love the easy simple ideas like that. I did the same thing with fabric samples I got at a yard sale last year!

  9. I love using placemats for pillows. I found great modern print ones at Target and Homegoods that I'll have to post sometime. I also am a big fan of Ball jars - especially the old blue/green!

  10. I've made several placemat pillows for my girls room when they were younger. For some, I added a ruffle around the edges.
    Yours turned out beautiful! You've inspired me to make more for myself!