Thursday, December 30, 2010

A New Year, A New Start...

  I love my life, and everyone in it, but I also see a lot of things that I can improve on as well. I am far from perfect & I know I never will be perfect, but I can try right?  I have never looked forward to a new year so much until this year. I am so excited for a new start in 2011. I am starting a new job at the beginning of the new year. Also I will be getting my degree in the new year, a lot to look forward to! I am not saying that two thousand and ten was a terrible year, but I am ready to start fresh. 2010 was a great year. Jose and I built our very first home together, Bella had six beautiful puppies, I made some amazing friends, I had a great job, my husband came home from deployment, and I could keep going because there are many amazing memories from this past year. 2010 was also a very hard year of having my husband gone for most of it & missing him. I was just talking to a friend today, and we both said while your husband is deployed you can never fully be happy. I am hoping and praying that I will have my husband home for all off two thousand eleven, but if I don't get my wish I know we are strong enough to make it through anything. I wanted to share with you a few other wishes I have for two thousand eleven because I feel like if I make them public I will be more faithful to sticking to my new years resolutions.

One... Stop cussing like a sailor! I am so bad at throwing in unnecessary four letter words. I really need to talk more like a lady.

Two... Make time for all my many hobbies. Blogging, Re-doing furniture, Antiquing, and I could go on. I am a girl of many hobbies & in 2011 I want to make time for all of them!

Three... I want to make more time to keep in touch with all my family & friends back home in Michigan. Life gets so busy & I feel like I don't take enough time to talk to all my loved ones back home.

Four... Work out!!! I know that's a huge cliche, but seriously I feel so unhealthy lately that it makes me feel bad about myself. I am not over weight by any means, but I am out of shape. I want to work out at least three times a week.

Five... Cook more & go out to eat less. Two in one resolution. I want to cook more meals for my husband and I. I know with my new job with better hours this resolution is very obtainable.

Six... Go to church more. We go to church on Sundays, but we skip a lot & make excuses. I know that going to church more often will be a good balance in our lives.

Seven... Save more money. Hubby and I both save a lot of money from both of our jobs, but I would still like to save a little more this year, maybe for something big in 2012 :)

Eight... And a huge one for me is being more open with my feelings & letting my close friends and family know how I feel so that feelings do not get hurt. I am so bad at showing my emotions & letting people know that I care.

   I have more, but I didn't want to bore you with all of them. Last year I gave up tanning & I actually stuck to that resolution! I feel like it was a healthy resolution that made me feel a lot better about myself. Anyways tell me some of your resolutions!!! I would love to hear some of them ! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE & I HOPE YOU ALL HAVE AN AMAZING 2011!!

Love Always,


  1. I agree with 2, 4, 5, 7, & 8! im adding those to my list!
    This year im going to put more of an effort in trying to start a side business. I always say ill finnaly launch it, and get going with it, but then i get busy or lazy, one of the two lol. and that connects with # 2, the making more time for hobbies, etc.
    also, school school schooool! haha, im not much of a scholar, and dread going to school! i cant put if off any longer! :/ haha.
    and lots more, but then i wouldnt wanna bore you :D

    Have a lovely day darlin! :)

  2. This is an amazing list and I'm glad that you're still looking to improve on things even when you had a wonderful year. I'll be looking forward to hearing about how you do with all of this. Good luck :)

  3. Lovely list my dear.. And I promise I read the WHOLE thing this time (; I can't wait to see what 2011 brings! I know one thing that better not change this coming up year, we better see each other as much as possible. I'm liking our lunch break plan!! Love you girly and I'm right by your side through all of your new years resolutions and you know you can count on me!