Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Simple Coffee Table....

     Here is a quick look at my coffee table in our living room. It's very simple, and the items change around quite often, and new items are added, but this is what it looks like on a day like today...

I am in love with this tray I bought.. Seven dollars from TJ Maxx. Amazing. The bird decoration is also from TJ Maxx & the candle is from a little store by my house.

I made this floral arrangement myself.. Very simple & I love hydrangeas.

I picked these books up from my College bookstore when they were on clearance. These books great accent pieces & of course I had to get the one that said Elizabeth since that's my full name.  The book on top is a military wife poem book that my lovely grandma gave to me.

A few more pictures of my simple coffee table...

Okay.. Don't be scared.. But here is a little glimpse into my Halloween night:

My friend Christine (on the left) & I decided to be SCARY dolls. It was so much fun! I wish I had a better picture of my husband & I.. He was Beetle Juice. I did his makeup and his costume was a huge hit! We had tons of fun!

Here's a little tease for you.....

  Bella's puppies!! Well, two of them at least. My shi tzu, Bella had six puppies about three weeks ago. It was amazing to be there for the birth, and see my little baby have babies herself. She is one amazing momma & takes very good care of her puppies. I will for sure be doing a blog post on the new puppies soon including tons of video footage of the little ones. Stay tuned!!

Love Always,


  1. I love the decorations around your house :D very creative!

    CUTE costume! you did a great job with the eye makeup!

    AWWWWWWWWWWWWW... puppies.... they look so adorable!! :D I can't wait for the 'Puppy post' ... what are you going to do with the puppies? are you keeping any? or all!? ha ha


  2. Haha Thanks Girly!!! I would keep them all if I could!! My husband and I are in love with them all.. We are thinking about keeping one of them..he's the chubby brown one.. we call him bear. I will try to do the blog post soon! You will die when you see the video of the them, they are adorable! And my halloween costume was so fun,I had never been something scary before.. so it was so different. I hope you are doing good!

  3. I love it...simple yet perfect. I love your taste. I still am waiting to paint my kitchen the grey color you have on your walls. It's so pretty!!! Keep the home picture coming!!!

  4. LOVE you decor darlin'! its simplistic and clean but still stylish and nice and cute! the colors and etc go very wll together! i noticed your comment on Thrifty Decors Chick and thought what a coincidence! she is amazing btw, i WAIT for her posts haha. theyv given me soo many amazing ideas :D i hope you start postin more aswell hun :) xoxoxo

  5. Thank you girly!!! I will for sure be doing more posts!! And yes I am obsessed with Thrift Decor Chick.. She is one amazing talented girl!! Stay in touch!! xx Liz Marie

  6. Just came across your blog and i LOVE it. I love your whole theme !! Im a new follower. Hope you can follow me back :)
    by the way you have probably heard this alot, but you look alot like Katy perry !! :) haha lucky you

  7. Your coffee table looks like it came right out of a pottery barn magazine--so cute! I love how you added interest to the table with the tray, books, candle, flowers, etc. Love your style! :)