Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Office Begins...

This room has been many things in the short amount of
time since we built our house a little over a year ago.
First it was an office painted yellow, then it changed to our second 
spare bedroom with a bed for guests, & now it's being transformed into
an office once again... & I'm bringing you along for the journey.
The room is painted Benjamin Moore's Bennington Gray
& it's ready to become a place of inspiration, crafting, &
a great place to work, but for now it's under construction...

I decided to start with the gallery wall in the office since
it will be the main focal point as you walk in the door to the room.
Empty Frames?!? I didn't even notice... haha Yah, I know they are empty,
but I didn't want to rush getting prints for them.. I wanted to collect
them over time & I think the frames are great on their own for now.

First I laid out my collection of frames out on
the floor & played around with grouping for a while until
I was happy. As you can see I added items later
when they were on the wall, but it's the general grouping 
idea that matters the most.

I then stenciled the shapes of the frames onto newspaper
& cut out the shapes to hang out the wall to get the placement
right & see where the nail holes should be. 
I added in the other items during editing so you can see 
the placement of them as well. 

Obviously the wall looks bare with the empty desk &
empty room... but the office is coming along & the wall will 
be the perfect feature in the office. & that bottom frame? It's a handy
little chalk board/magnet board.. how fun is that?

I am probably going to add more frames & other
items to the wall & that's the beauty of a random gallery 
wall like this, you can always add & move things around.

& this table? I got it for $10 & it's the perfect size for
crafting, & all of my accessories.. it just needs a little love.

I want to fill this wall with memories & inspirational 
prints.. I already love the one print I have on the wall.. 
an embroidered piece of burlap that 
reads forever, for always, & no matter what...

& did you notice my obsession with gold has carried into
the office? Most of these frames were found at antique stores
& I love the original gold finish.

So the office has begun. I am so excited to keep working
on it & I have so many ideas in my head. I can't
wait to bring you along on the journey of "The Office".
I am going for an eclectic antique room with a masculine edge..
Does that make sense? Well, let the journey begin!
Here was the office today after I was done sewing... It's always nice
to see someones home not all perfectly staged...

The wires are killing me.. Don't worry, those are
going to be taken care of shortly...
So there you have it.. the beginning of the office.

I hope you are all have a great weekend... My weekend
has been wonderful.. spending time with my husband...
today we spent time at the Farmers Market & downtown..
we went out for coffee & lunch at a local coffee shop.
This afternoon I delivered a lovely piece of furniture I just finished
to one of my best friends for her babies nursery {post soon!}
& tonight my husband wants to take me to go see "The 
Wizard of Oz" at our local Civic theater.. a very lovely weekend
& may I add that I'm sick? It seems everyone has this soar 
throat ickiness, & I hope it ends soon for all of us, but I'm not 
letting it ruin my fun weekend!!
Talk to you soon..
xx Liz Marie

Progress of the office:


  1. That's a great collection of frames! I have a blank wall by our dining table and I'm thinking of doing something similar.

  2. Love it!!! You did amazing hun(:

  3. They look great! ...and that chair looks killer comfy!

  4. I like it. And oddly enough I dig the wires too. Kinda makes it unique. Today I went and thrifted several frames to start one of these walls myself. Thanks for the inspiration :)


  5. It looks great, what a fantastic start to an office/creativity room. I think if I had that red chair I might actually use my sewing machine more! Here's a post I just wrote that might help you with the cords:


  6. I love the gallery and empty frames! The table is a great find. =] I pinned this idea that might help with your cord issues. I don't like seeing cords either.

  7. The frames look great! That's great that you took the time with the layout. I would've just starting putting nails in the wall.

    Love the table! That's a great find for just $10!

    New follower here from mingle monday

  8. i love that you still have more to add :) incredible. it's going to be such a work of art! i hope to stick around and see the transformation! think i'll bookmark you :)

  9. Empty frames are always extra order-nary in any place of home. The table is a great find. I pinned this idea that might help with your cord issues.

  10. Looking good. Love the squishy chair.

  11. I can't wait to see the transformation.