Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pier One Love...

   Hey guys!! So happy middle of the week-ish. My week has included exciting events such as amazing GoodWill finds, new paint color discoveries, & a HUGE Pier One sale. If you "Like" Pier One on Facebook this week, they have some great daily deals. Yesterday I printed out a $10 off a $10 dollar purchase... Are you kidding me?? You could get great home decor items for free!! Well, I have a confession, I went there yesterday and today because of the silly rule, "only one coupon a day". Lame. Well rules are rules, so they just got to see my lovely little face two days in a row. Lucky them! I can't show you what I got yesterday because it's a gift for someone I love {who I'm sure reads my little blog}, but I can show you what I got today...

Okay. So I didn't get all of this today, just the cute Milk Jug Drink Dispenser  for $14.00!! It was originally $50.00 marked down to $24.00 & with a coupon for {$10} it brought it down to $14.00. I was so excited, it looks perfect in my kitchen. The other items in the picture are also still available at Peir One right now, & I love them. The picture frame was $10, so you could get it for free + tax. Yup, pretty much free.The Birdy salt shakers are a mere $3, & they are too cute.

 I hope some of you printed out the great {$10} coupon yesterday!! But, don't worry you can print todays daily deal coupon over at Pier One's Facebook page. Thanks for stopping by for this super quick blog post, I wanted to share my great deal, because I mean who doesn't love a good sale? If you have any great deals you want to share head on over to Liz Marie Blog Facebook page & share them!! I would love to see some good deals. I have a fun furniture makeover to share with you guys later on this week & possibly a favorite makeup products video... Stay tuned.. Love you all!!!
xx Liz Marie


  1. Great finds! I just "liked" Pier One - I can't resist a good deal :)

  2. Thank you.. I'm glad I am not the only one who can't resist a good deal :) haha

  3. Oh I love those little shakers and the dispenser is too sweet! Might just have to take myself over to Pier One pronto!

  4. LOVE that little iced tea dispenser...and especially that it has a chalkboard tag. How cute is that?!

  5. I took advantage of the Pier 1 deal too! I got a glass jar with a mini chalkboard spot on it. Looks great in my kitchen.