Sunday, October 24, 2010

Makeup Guru Galore...

    So as many of you know, the new trending thing on YouTube is Beauty Gurus, or otherwise known as, Makeup Guru. A Beauty Guru is makeup and fashion savvy, who wants to share their vast knowledge of makeup, hair, and clothing with their viewers. By watching these makeup guru videos you can learn anything from how to put on eyeliner to what makeup products are the best on the market now. There are thousands of beauty gurus on YouTube at the moment. It's easy to search and find your favorite beauty who will teach you what you want to know, and who has similar style to you. I have so many favorite gurus since I have been watching makeup guru videos for a couple years now. Let me share just a few pretty awesome beauty gurus with you, maybe you will find a new favorite as well!

Some of my favorite Beauty Gurus...
    Click on their names to link to their YouTube channels....

 Dulce Candy  - Amazing makeup tutorials & fashion advice. Also she is currently pregnant & has great advice for mommies. Also check out her blog at

 Sccastaneda - She is one of my absolute favorites! Other than being absolutely gorgeous, she has great makeup tutorials and a really cute style. Her personality is so friendly & she is really down to earth.

 Nikki's Secret - She has the cutest accent & has an amazing sense of fashion. She also has great makeup and hair tutorials.

 Jlovesmac1- Okay, this girl is hilarious. She is so entertaining, not to mention gorgeous! She has amazing makeup advice & always recommends great products to try out.

 Euchante - This girl not only taught me how to do my fish tail braid, but also has some amazing quick and simple eye makeup tutorials.

 Ahanhbarbie34 - This girl does it all! From hair tutorials, makeup tutorials, amazing reviews, fashion, outfits, vlogs... I love her channel! She is so cute & gives honest opinions about all the products.

 AndreasChoice- This girl is so naturally beautiful, and funny.. great combo. She gives great advice on products, makeup, hair, and life in general. Also she has amazing tutorials.

 Fafinettex3- This makeup guru has great makeup tutorials including foundation routines and monthly product favorite reviews.

Hollyannaeree- She is so perfectly put together. She has awesome makeup tutorials & they are so easy to follow. She has great fashion advice & product reviews. For sure check her out!

 JulieG713- She is so sweet & has some pretty amazing nail tutorials! She is so talented. Her channel also has some awesome makeup, hair, and fashion tutorials.

 Naty1129- This girl is truly beautiful. She is one spicy Latina. She has great fashion advice, and makeup tutorials. She also has some amazing advice for people with troublesome skin.

  Haven't had enough yet? Me either. Honesty I could watch beauty guru videos for hours, they are so entertaining, and I am always wanting to learn more!  I don't really ever have time to watch videos anymore with how busy my life is, but a great time to watch them for me is while I get ready in the morning on my laptop. Here's a few more gurus that I love... 

MakeupbyMel - Her accent is so cute, and she is quite entertaining. She has great product reviews, giveaways, and some fashion advice. She is very original & You can tell she is passionate about makeup and her YouTube viewers.

Rachloves - Want a quick makeup or hair look. Her channel is perfect for that. Her tutorials are very strait to the point and quite awesome. She also has some great nutrition and fitness advice!

Makeupbyleinabaaaby - She is simply beautiful & has great makeup advice & tutorials.

MakeupGeekTV - She is an amazing makeup artist who can teach you simply everything from a-z about makeup.

  I hope you get to check out all these lovely makeup gurus if it's something that interests you! These certainly are not the only makeup gurus I love, I could go on forever. I will do another blog post later with more of my favorites. Let me know in a comment below who your favorite makeup guru is! Have a wonderful and blessed day! xx
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  1. This is an awesome list. I was subscribed to a few already but I just added all the rest I haven't heard of so thanks for the recs :) I always end up spending hours watching gurus lol.

  2. I love beauty gurus! :D

    Kandy Johnson and carahamelie03 are my ALLL time favorites!, and I always like hearing about new ones so I can't wait to check 'em out!

  3. wow thank you so much for posting this definitely found some new favorites too! :)

  4. This is so sweet of you to do for your fave beauty gurus! stay pretty and sweet! I followed you already :)